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Internet Ent. a Teacher and, Writer— Single and ain't searching[a rat cleverly rotating about its trap.]

Did you see that facial expression of mine Good! Before you go any further, I would like you to try and analyze if what’s written down here relates to my appearance. I really don’t know.🤓

Jeof Ogire is a dedicated perfectionist, a father, a filmmaking practitioner, and an inspirational creative writer. He lives in the “Pearl Of Africa.” See the LinkedIn — profile.

I’m still single.🙌

Born in 1996 to two parents with two siblings.👨‍👧‍👧 Being the eldest son makes me even stronger, creative, and innovative so, I’m able to put food on the table. I love hard work.


Don’t Post and Ghost|Five ways to connect with your readers even when off-Medium. Find it all here.

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I had almost missed all of it as I did with the previous workshops. And now, I ask — Did you attend this workshop series? I know that many weren’t able to buy time for it. I did and I want to share all of its shared tips here. Are you ready for a ride?

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We both know that hard work pays right?

And publishing every day or regularly is hard work.

This is a manner every writer has been observing ever since the beginning of 2021. It had always been the other way round.

I used to see writers publish one story in a week and that was okay with Medium’s little algorithm by then.

But should you try that now, you won’t be very far away from doom.

This is what happens when you write and publish daily.

The best advice for all Medium writers right now is;- “write” and “write.”

Tags have now replaced the topics here on Medium which…

How Medium’s features are almost similar to YouTube’s as we use them today.

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YouTube is the largest video platform in the world.

Almost 80% of the world is talking about it like it’s magical.

And the creators! Oh my! When they speak, especially influencers, you may think you are about to make money with them. The entertainment model is what sparks the creators most from afar. To succeed here, video quality and originality, consistency, better thumbnails, longer descriptions, appropriate tags, cards, and screens, and good titles are key. Almost all of these are in the YouTube of writing. Creators who do succeed are always quiet about their fortunes. They make it a secret– a reason why most people don’t know that they…

Breaking off to allow in a completely refreshed mind of you and getting many stories ahead of time.

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As Medium is rolling out new features regularly, there is a saying that writers now have to write more. More than they used to because the platform is hungry. It means, there is a need for more productivity in writing but that doesn’t mean, you have to publish every after five or ten hours. I can only write one or two stories in a day but I make sure that I spare one for tomorrow or another day when I’m unable to write because that’s my disability.

Do you make spare articles/ stories? Woohoo! …

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If publications close their doors soon

Speaking about the future of Medium, we aren’t very far from it. It’s just tomorrow. We look at every change that takes on in the platform, it will definitely have something to do with the future. Talk about how it would be, a day after today. As a writer here, it’s been tough though for those authors who didn’t write for publications. Ever since I joined Medium in may last year, it’s always been hard to join publications.

As a beginner, you would want to join big publications to gain traction and maybe make some quick money from its readers…

What the mind tells me is perfection.

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Perfection is an important aspect of life– meant for one’s good. This is what it used to be in my early 20s. I had always loved to see everything placed in front of me in an organized manner. I love to do things smartly. It’s a very big pleasure because it makes me feel good and healthy even when I’m not supposed to. I grew up with a mannerism of smartness. By the time I was 18, some people treated me like a working class. I had just completed high school. I realized people beginning to call me different titles…

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I will never stop regular publishing.

Hi, everyone, it’s Jeofrey here, and welcome to my short-term findings of days without publishing. It’s what I’ve noticed and fought to get rid of.

Every time my days go without releasing a story, my story reads reduce. I haven’t been very active here ever since the beginning of this month whilst making money here. Many factors explain why it’s so but I also notice that I’m not alone. A lot more other writers have not been active as well and I keep wondering what’s wrong this September? Last week, another of my stories…

Read-only what you are interested in.

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Reading is not a mandatory activity but how we do it sometimes makes us think it is. Who says everyone’s work should all be read? Well, I have a serious concern here. It’s about the reading culture of certain stereotypes– why do people –the readers pretend to read other’s work yet they don’t do? We both know very well that a majority of us here write for money right? Yes, even I.

I’ll not deny the fact that I want to earn money from writing at the end of the month. I write to get paid and maybe readers do…

Does publishing at any time matter?

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Is there a perfect time for your content to go live?

A fellow YouTube creator posted a mail to my inbox just moments after I had published a video. He said “You don’t have to publish at this hour, buddy” It barely had a subject matter or description so, I was wondering what it was supposed to mean. I was tempted to ask him why.

But he told me, publishing at any time does not help.

As a content creator, one must know when is the best time to publish. This cuts across different platforms more so, here on Medium. People/ readers react to the stories we publish according to their…

Jeofrey Ogire

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