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Internet Ent. a Teacher and, Writer— Single and ain't searching[a rat cleverly rotating about its trap.]

Don’t do it the other way round.

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When the big idea does enough to get you into thinking about it, do you know how to express it out like telling it to a friend?

Lies usually drive us to use big words for small ideas because we want to win things like, belief, acceptance, or just to…

Never create any content that violates Medium’s terms/rules.

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I know that a lot of us here don’t pay kindly much attention to Medium’s terms of service and more so, its rules.

I recently hovered the cursor to this blog post — Updating our Rules. …

A day, I missed a step to the next level of life.

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This story was once narrated. Cheech Nashon is a long-time friend of mine. He lives in Kenya and I happened to meet him three days ago where he told me about his success. Being able to jot down a few interesting points while I carefully listened to him, the story…

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Happy Birthday………

So, you want to know who’s birthday party is? Nothing ever goes well mentioned like a birthday party, at least everybody has ever had one. Then I am celebrating this –Lol.

Today is 15, Friday.

It’s the fourth day of the week but this isn’t the day I…

Curators prefer short handy stories for distribution. I guess most readers don’t.

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Ever written one recently?

Well, there is so much negotiation within us writers.

Writing between short and long-form articles is still a debate that goes on as writers present it while seeking the right advice from friends or expert writers. …

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I started my first blog in 2019 whilst not knowing to write/ craft a story.

My writing was non -fiction and it’s still the same.

I kinder perceived certain ideas and wrote 1000 words on average for each blog post. I’m sure that was enough to make me proud of…

The “Pokot” are a group of nomadic pastoralists living in the northeastern part of Uganda.

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Life in some parts of the world is so provoking. You can be tempted to steal anything when you get to places like this. I’m talking about that place mentioned in the sub-heading– the Pokot land. It’s now three weeks ever since I came to this place on official duties…

People claim publications to be a growth tool on Medium and it’s true.

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They ain’t where my pieces work gotta.

I have written on Medium for about two years now.

But none of my stories has ever been submitted to a publication.

Way back in around April this year, was when I had just resumed writing. …

There is nothing I love more than working with writers because writers are the most powerful people on earth. You’re are trying to argue, within yourself right?

Writers can change the way people think simply by giving a glimpse of life through their character’s eyes.

The place where most writers…

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You are not getting all of them to read your stories. Here is why

It takes roughly enough time and effort to craft something like a story to put up on Medium for the payers to read.

Once a story/an article is put up/published, its author will straight away begin to count on readers. But who are these people? Who in actual sense is…

Jeofrey Ogire

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