Internet Ent. a Teacher and, Writer— Single and ain't searching[a rat cleverly rotating about its trap.]

If you never thought things happen this way, Ps; read on, funny thing I did inside the toilet.

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Yeah, No One’s Crazy but acts may be so. A times life is not full of surprises especially when a writer has no hopes of producing more content. When you just have to act and play crazy stuff like this.

What, In the toilet? Wasn’t it time to pee?

A creative mind can take you by surprise. When it’s time to write, it doesn’t matter the place, position, or venue. You don’t have to keep it waiting until you’ve settled and a coffee cup is right at your desk. It can happen anywhere even while you’re making night strides.


About me, updated on 16–12–2021.

Did you see that facial expression of mine Good! Before you go any further, I would like you to do this one thing, try to analyze if what I’ve written down here relates to my appearance. Because I really don’t know.🤓

Listen in, Jeof Ogire, is a very dedicated perfectionist…

With whatever goes on in the “pen on paper” activity, just know there is also getting lost in it. Even top writers do get lost.

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Before I make any noise about writing, allow me to thank Unsplash for having given me a little fragrance. I looked at this picture, then glanced down to my table only to realize I had no coffee on there. But the picture instantly made me fascinated soon as I added…

Haiku form#3

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Nobody heard his fate.

Because, life took it all.

It’s ironic.

Oh! look, I just made my path in the waters, take a look. That was the final minute he lived.

Unconsciously dived in

got himself swallowed up.

It’s ironic.

The story of a man who drowned at Bondi…

How I got scammed online four years ago.

Pexels image):-edited by the author.

Beware of scammers or else, you will collapse like that guy up in the picture.

The same way someone coned my money, another duper tried. Times are gone when people like Jeof could simply be convinced and lured into feck deals. I’m not welcoming the dupery. There is this category…

I want to treat you better than anyone else.

You know, I was rushing in to grab a cup of coffee in preparation for the new year’s party. Suddenly thoughts flipped over me that I would stop by to know how you’re doing. I hope the world recently treated you better.

We are in the year’s end time. This…

Jeofrey Ogire

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